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What is Collective Momentum?

Collective Momentum is an initiative to facilitate conversations amongst LaVida Massage franchisees. The mission is to provide our franchisees with a collaborative, multi-tiered platform to assist in their education, networking, growth and franchise experience.

How do I post to the forum?

Head to the Forum page and select a topic that fits with your post. Next, decide whether you would like to start a discussion or ask a question! If you would like to start a discussion, here are the options for your post. You can give your post a title, write a paragraph, and even insert images and videos! Much like starting a discussion, you can ask a question. The only difference here is that instead of a title, you will ask the question in that space and can expand further in the paragraph below. Again, this allows you to add images and videos if so needed.

Can I comment on a Blog post?

Yes! Simply scroll to the bottom of any post and you can like or comment on it.